3 Awesome Reasons to book a Thalassa Health Retreat in Europe

Thalassa health retreat

3 Awesome Reasons to Book a Thalassa Health Retreat in Europe


Health is Wealth. So why not start the new year with an amazing health retreat in Europe?

If you value natural, safe and alternative/ complementary health treatments you should definitely try Thalassotherapy.

From the Greek Thalassa this therapy is based on the use of sea water for health enhancing purposes in a controlled environment and under medical supervision.

Thalassotherapy treatments promote a set of preventive and curative health benefits due to the particular characteristics of the marine environment. Discover below why you should book a Thalassa health retreat in Europe, Portugal, this year.


1. Re-balance the levels of vital minerals and trace elements in your body


Sea water has a unique chemical composition with vital trace elements such as magnesium, iodine, lithium, zinc, copper, selenium and calcium, among many other minerals that are essential to the body.

Therefore, the Ocean water is a powerful, natural and safe source of balance and well-being that helps re-balance the levels of vital minerals and trace elements in the body.


2. Tone, detox and sculpt your body


The combined use of heated seawater, air and marine extracts such as algae, sand and mud promote a natural detoxifying and body contouring process by:

  • Stimulating the metabolism and facilitating the assimilation of nutrients
  • Eliminating waste and promoting detoxification
  • Strengthening the muscles and improving body movement


3. Benefit from the marine micro-climate to treat health conditions


The coastal location of the Thalassa health resorts benefit from a unique micro-climate. Starting with a medical consultation your  personalized Thalassa treatment plan can focus on treating the Respiratory system, the Circulatory system, Dermatological health conditions, Rheumatism and skeletal problems, among others.

Additionally, a Thalassa health retreat is extremely relaxing and therapeutic, the sounds of the waves and the amazing sea views are sure to melt the stress away.


Are you ready to try a Thalassa Health retreat?


Discover our latest offers and start planning for your healthy getaway.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!


15 January 2018 | Trip for Wellness | info@tripforwellness.com


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